Abe's Indignation League - Petition For A Constitution Convention

Abe's Indignation League is a bipartisan patriotic organization of individual citizens, appalled at the lack of honesty, ethics and financial competence in our federal government, resolved to return more government to the people and states, and determined to petition for a convention as authorized by the first amendment and convene a state sponsored constitution convention as the founders and article five of the 1787 constitution wisely sugguests when the congress becomes ineffective.

You are invited to review and download the petition and justification for the petition that follows. If you agree with most of the petition, sign it and mail or deliver it to your governor, state secretary of state, or state legislator.

We the people, in accordance with the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States do hereby petition the governors and legislators of the fifty States to provide delegates, fund, and convene a Constitution Convention at a central U.S. location. The purpose thereof to review, amend, update and modernize the Constitution, as our Framers/Founders recognized in Article V might be necessary, and in order to reduce government spending and corruption along with modernizing outmoded concepts.

We the petitioners expect prompt response to our petitions. We expect Convention efficiency for clarifying and revalidating the Constitution to begin as soon as possible after each State Secretary of State receives a reasonable number of petitions similar to the number used for other State referendums. The Convention once gathered should produce a reflective and comprehensive Constitution similar to our present document but which limits federal government spending, allows for Judicial tracing, and includes most of the items on the petition. The document should be ready for printing and release within four months. State legislatures would then sponsor a peoples' referendum, and if positive, ratify the results to revitalize our Constitution for the 21st Century.

We are reminded that liberal concepts did not set us free; that far less than half the colonial population initially supported the American Revolution and that no polls were taken prior to the Declaration of Independence. We sign the petition as concerned citizens and for future generations whatever class, race, or religion and to honor the Sons of Liberty, the Minutemen, and the Founding Fathers.

Note: This page has had a major update as of November 2011 as a result of the new book called Lex Ferenda, A Constitution Modernization with Tea Party Bullets, available on Amazon. Recommended changes will be added to the this web site from time to time as received from concerned citizens and consolidated by subject and justification. Thanks for your support and patriotism.


How do you join Abe's Indignation League?

There are no dues or monetary donations requested. There is no newsletter or magazine to buy. The League has no weird or hidden agenda, but only the goals of honest leadership and efficient government closer to home. You join by pledging to uphold justice and liberty, swearing to the action items and distribution of petitions, vowing to attend rallies, etc. Your contribution is the time you donate to rallies and to distribute the petition and the cost of making copies, (e.g., A pyramid system of each person posting or distributing one hundred copies at a cost of about $10.00 is a small offering compared to the ultimate sacrifice of many of our countrymen and veterans). Mail or take your petition in person to your Secretary of State or Governor. You probably don't need an exact street address to mail your petition to your Secretary of State; just address your letter to the Secretary of State at your State Capitol and it will get there. (Note: If you are from the South and don't like Lincoln, use some name other than Abe for your organization.)

Your help is essential for petition success. In addition to the petition alone, petitioners must plan other non-violent "actions and deeds." Citizens need to be continuously reminded of the failure of our Congress, and particularly the U.S. Senate, to uphold justice and improve government. For example we might swear: (1) To request to be excused from jury duty on the grounds that all law breakers can not be logically tried as long as perjurers and other politicians are not persecuted correctly; (2) To save and post paper money or coin at home with Lincoln's picture to remind us daily of honest Abe's certain indignation and disapproval of the federal government's questionable political actions or inactions; (3) To fly flags at three-quarter mast, to signify that liberty and justice may be at risk; (4) To wear patriotic (red, white, and blue) colored clothes on Fridays or more often, along with hats, T-shirts, etc. with Abe's picture and words and creeds about the cause; (5) To publicize the petition with posters, signs, bumper-stickers and frequent letters and articles to editors of the news media; (6) To distribute petitions and speak out for individual participation in a democratic society; and (7) To organize or participate in marches at State Capitols and County Court Houses on national holidays. These "actions" to continue until ratification of a modernized constitution is complete.

SOS: Caution, some states may have laws or regulations concerning political action or campaigns that apply to publishing and/or distribution of this type petition. Rules can vary from just simple registration to bookkeeping requirements on expenditures etc., and reporting the results periodically to your Secretary of State (SOS). In some of the 24 referendum States the Attorney General may also be involved. Do not be intimidated by State statutes, a petition for a federal constitution convention is clearly authorized by the 1st Amendment. If you decide to spend over $100 in support of petition distribution, you should probably register with your State SOS. For State registration, you may use the Abe's Indignation League name followed by a number (such as ZIP code) to designate your individual or local post.

Convention Location: The convention should occur in a central part of the continent, a long way from the nation's capitol, a place with reasonable transportation availability, and with some patriotic American name or historical significance. Lincoln Nebraska, San Antonio Texas, or Keystone (Rapid City) SD might be considered, or wherever a mid-west State Governor might be receptive.

Originally published and paid for by Abe's Indignation League; James A. Schmitendorf, Engr./Treasurer, PO Box 126, Piedmont, SD 57769; e-mail: schmitty@enetis.net. For a complete essay justification, download "Justifying a Constitution Convention For The 21st Century (Plain Talk and Common Sense)" included in this website. Recommended Constitution language can be seen in Lex Ferenda, A Constitution Modernization with Tea Party Bullets, available on Amazon.

(Original version of this site, 1 Aug 99; partially revised Dec 2007, second revision Nov 2011)